Our proprietary technology is developed for the advertising and marketing industry. It uses structured and unstructured data from existing agency and advertiser systems to get an instant, accurate view of marketing activities.

E-invoicing and invoice trading for all

Media buyers and vendors: simplify and improve invoicing and payments, and open up new ways to trade. Ensure invoices are correctly raised, contain the right data and are instantly reconcilable. Track trading relationships at invoice level in real time, and use dynamic discounting or value adding to slash debtor days or boost the bottom line.

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Exact A.I. for Advertising Agencies

Unify agreements, instructions and orders, and manage bills and payments automatically. Ensure compliance, accuracy and manage risks. Free your teams to be more strategic, creative and customer focused than ever before. Create new remuneration models, reduce finance costs, improve margin and boost cashflow.

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Exact A.I. for Marketers and Brands

Qualify your marketing and advertising supply chain, control complex agreements, enforce cost commitments, eliminate hidden risks and liabilities. Track your activities seamlessly across multiple finance, ERP and martech platforms. See actual marketing and advertising spend down to individual invoice lines, track obligations and measure agency performance. All in real time.

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