Exact A.I. for Advertising Agencies

Exact A.I. for Advertising Agencies

Unify agreements, instructions and orders, and manage bills and payments automatically.

Our proprietary A.I. technology learns your structured and unstructured data to reconcile across your seperate systems simultaneously.  Eliminate manual and batch processing to get an instant, accurate view of your business. 

Previously impossible tasks are fully automated. Reconcile and match spots, campaigns and agreements from master contract to individual invoice line. 

Our solutions work with industry software such as Pegasus and MediaOcean,  integrate with popular ERP software including SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, and are configurable with agency management systems.

Ensure compliance, accuracy and manage risks. Free your teams to be more strategic, creative and customer focused than ever before.

Track delivery of all media, content, sponsorships, product placement photos, videos, blog posts and articles against qualitative metrics.

Audit, risk and compliance happens in real-time, all the time. Track and analyse risk metrics, documentation, financial reports and external benchmarking data.

Create new remuneration models, reduce finance costs, improve margin and boost cashflow.

Give your clients full transparency and new value. Our platform is infinitely configurable to manage new trading concepts, performance based remuneration, invoice factoring, real time dynamic discounting,  intra-agency trading and much more.