Exact A.I. for Marketers and Brands

Exact A.I. for Marketers and Brands

Qualify your marketing and advertising supply chain, control complex agreements, enforce cost commitments, eliminate hidden risks and liabilities.

Our proprietary A.I. technology learns your structured and unstructured data to reconcile your seperate systems simultaneously.  Eliminate manual and batch processing to get an instant, accurate view of your business. 

Exact A.I. connects  to your marketing and advertising supply chain in real time. Our platform reconciles internal data with your supplier contracts, agreements and payments. 

Track your activities seamlessly across multiple finance, ERP and martech platforms.

Our solutions work with industry software such as Oracle and Salesforce,  integrate with popular ERP software including SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, and can ingest data from hundreds of specialist martech systems.

See actual marketing and advertising spend down to individual invoice lines, track obligations  and measure agency performance. All in real time.

Previously impossible tasks are fully automated. Reconcile and match content delivery, media investment  and outcomes from your key suppliers against qualitative metrics.

Audit, risk and compliance happens in real-time, all the time. Track and analyse risk metrics, documentation, financial reports and internal benchmarking data.