How a global digital agency wins by slashing audit and compliance costs

Today's global digital agencies provide a wide range of creative, content, production, development and consultancy services. In addition to marketing campaigns, they increasingly facilitate digital transformations for their clients, working on every part of their customer experience.

They provide these services through retained staff, contract staff, suppliers, software vendors and multiple partner agencies. 

Increasingly their customers expect complete transparency for these provisions, and expect to know exactly what time was spent, fees charged and outcomes achieved. 

Auditing these services and ensuring they comply with contracts and regulations is an increasingly heavy cost that ultimately is passed back to the client in higher prices or poorer services, and can create tensions in the business relationship.

Exact PV can track activities, head hours, charges and deliverables across multiple finance, ERP, martech, software development and workflow platforms, reconciling down to individual invoice lines.

With automated contract tracking , Exact PV means many periodic audit tasks are replaced with continuous real-time auditing, including KPIs, performance and outcome fees, bonuses and chargebacks.