Exact Pay & Validate (PV)

Exact Pay & Validate (PV)

Exact PV adds qualitative dimensions to the reconciliation and settlement foundations of Exact RP. 

It further automates skilled tasks in Order to Pay, Order to Cash and Contract to Pay scenarios, and introduces automation to Audit and Compliance processes.

Exact PV is ideal for applications where transaction outcomes and payment data need to be matched or synchronised across multiple parties and/or systems in a supply chain.

For example; a customer, customer agent, vendor, vendor agent and sub-vendor may all need to agree on how a delivery is chargeable under a contract. 

They may also need to reconcile the volume and price of goods/services delivered or received at each stage of the supply chain, as well as the quality of the item in measurable terms such as appearance, effectiveness, integrity or popularity.

Third-party auditors (including SOX auditors) may need to view and analyse individual transactions to confirm data integrity and that necessary procedures have been followed.

Exact PV can check each individual transaction against 10, 20, 30 or more compliance dimensions in real time.