Exact Reconcile & Pay (RP)

Exact Reconcile & Pay (RP)

Exact RP provides real-time contract-to-pay reconciliation and settlement for Order to Pay and Order to Cash and Contract to Pay scenarios. 

The key to keeping better track of transactions and optimising resource performance is to continuously match related values against each other, to identify and correct every single deviation. For example, matching agreed price with invoiced price, agreed quantity with delivered quantity, and so one. Values can be matched and compared one to one, one to many and many to one.

The platform employs a number of standard algorithms  to instantly check each transaction against a wide range of predefined parameters; such as line level pricing, discounts, GST/VAT, volume and so on.  Custom algorithms then cross reference all necessary data – wherever it is held – to interpret and solve the deviation with rules and discretion that align to your objectives, policies and obligations.

Exact RP is ideal for scenarios where transaction and payment data need to be matched or synchronised between a customer and vendor. For example, both parties may need to agree how a delivery is chargeable under a contract, and confirm agreement on the volume and price of the goods and services delivered.

Unseen automation  connects to existing business software to complete up to 90% of the tasks/transactions/deviations in the background; and user-initiated automation accessed through a smart workflow interface to complete any remaining deviations.