Powerful, secure, flexible and easy to implement

Powerful, secure, flexible and easy to implement

Exact AI SaaS solutions are built on solid enterprise-grade SaaS platforms to suit any  sizes of businesses.

Created natively on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, they are designed with the capacity to handle large-scale transaction flows.

Despite the richness of the technology, they are easy to deploy and adopt – even for smaller businesses with limited IT resources.

Exact CT, RP and PV provide existing or custom APIs for media agency management platforms (Mediaocean, Pegasus, etc.), creative agency management platforms (Maconomy, etc, ERP and finance platforms (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, etc.)

Exact CT, RP and PV also provide essential security and productivity features such as:

  • Secure authentication

  • Access and authorisation controls

  • Task management and delegation

  • Transaction control

  • Regular third-party auditing and security testing

  • Secure integrations, and more. 

Our production, development and security processes subject to regular third-party audit in accordance with ISO 27001