Proven, powerful technology

Proven, powerful technology

Exact AI uses a mix of cutting edge and established AI technologies and automation approaches. These include expert systems, natural language processing and machine vision.

Our AI programming is able to make decisions when information is ambiguous, incomplete or uncertain. It learns from both experience and user-correction. 

This cognitive type of processing means our platform can ingest, store and process structured data and unstructured data.

Secure, fast and scalable for demanding use cases

Our proprietary technology and data architecture is easy to use and fast to scale. It can in process millions of transactions against dozens of dimensions simultaneously.

Developed over 1million hours by Swedish engineers and developers, our solutions are battle tested in the most demanding enterprise environments, passing strict audits for performance, stability, service and security.  

  • Cognitive capture including natural language processing and machine vision. Receive data and files in any format, from any system. Analyse like a super-human.
  • Intelligent matching. Match all related and dependent data and files instantly. Precisely judge which are right and wrong.
  • Process orchestration. Apply all business rules and policies, all of the time, with no errors. Handle conflicts and learn new rules. 
  • Data synchronisation. Update systems inside and outside of the organisation with a single truth.
  • Advanced analytics. Deep learning models to gain deep operational insights into revenue leakage and growth opportunities. 
  • APIs and integrations. Connect seamlessly to leading marketing, agency, finance and ERP systems.