Build great marketing relationships on accurate financial foundations

Complete your reconciliation, payment, audit and compliance work with zero errors using intelligent automation.


An intuitive, intelligent platform that completes both everyday and periodic processes. All day, every day.

Exact AI automates contract and order to pay, order to cash, compliance and audit. We eliminate manual handling: contracts, price controls, estimates, insertion orders, delivery reports, finance reports, invoices, running reconciliation, payments and much much more.

Our customers can choose individual remedies, with minimal changes to existing processes or technology, or a comprehensive strategy automating multiple workflows to achieve long-term business change.

Our outcome-based pricing means your return on investment begins on day one.


Solutions to suit every business, project and workflow. Built for the advertising, media and marketing industry.


Our platforms help advertisers, buyers and vendors create stronger businesses.

How a global media agency wins with workflow accuracy and velocity

New advertising technology and media digitalisation means media agencies have their work cut out matching orders and invoices correctly.

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How a medium sized media supplier grows with faster payment and better trading

Debtor days are increasing, visibility is reducing, complexity is growing, and investment is reducing. How can media companies close the gap?

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How a brand maximises marketing investment with instant, accurate spend data

Qualify your marketing and advertising supply chain, control complex agreements, enforce cost commitments, eliminate hidden risks and liabilities.

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How a global digital agency wins by slashing audit and compliance costs

Eliminate the burden of ensuring your services comply with contract terms, provide clients with real-time transparency and facilitate regulatory compliance.

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The only web-based, cloud-native and AI-powered automation platform

Proven, powerful technology

We combine proven approaches and cutting edge AI to create truly intelligent automation

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Powerful, secure, flexible and easy to implement

Exact AI SaaS solutions are built on solid enterprise-grade foundations

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Exact AI is supercharging the way the advertising industry accounts for its transactions and services.

Exact A.I. is a global company whose technology is tailored exclusively to the advertising and marketing industry. Our cloud products and services include proprietary technology for Robotic Process Automation, and highly advanced Intelligent Process Automation and Cognitive Automation .

As global brands demand greater efficiency and transparency, agencies and media companies evolve their business models, and digitalisation increases transaction complexity, existing manual workflows cannot keep up. Our mission is to end the administrative burden of doing great business, end systemic mis- and under-spending of budgets, and support new innovation.

Cognitive automation – systems that emulate human abilities of learning and reasoning –integrated with your finance management and operations software, will achieve in seconds what a team of skilled people might spend hours working on – free from errors and with less input needed from non-admin staff.



Exact A.I. works with customers all around the globe. Learn how we can help you transform your business with intelligent automation.

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A really short guide to intelligent automation acronyms

Definitions for Intelligent Automation and related technology Exact AI uses internally and with customers.

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Can agencies confront their secret weakness to counter the in-housing threat?

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Barely a day goes by without another AI story. But what does it all mean? Here's a five-minute wrap up of some of the most interesting developments in AI applications in 2019.

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