How a brand maximises marketing investment with instant, accurate spend data

Advertisers and marketers rely on a huge number of internal systems to run their activities. Add the systems used by many agencies and suppliers, it can be impossible to track actual billings and delivery against contract.

For example; a customer, customer agent, vendor, vendor agent and sub-vendor may all need to agree on how a delivery is chargeable under a contract. They may also need to reconcile the volume and price of goods/services delivered or received at each stage of the supply chain, as well as the quality of the item in measurable terms such as appearance, effectiveness, integrity or popularity.

Exact PV can track activities seamlessly across multiple finance, ERP and martech platforms, reconciling actual marketing and advertising spend down to individual invoice lines.

With automated contract tracking , Exact PV means many periodic audit tasks are replaced with continuous real-time auditing, including KPIs, performance and outcome fees, bonuses and chargebacks.